WIW and an update

Hey ladies :)

Sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts much or even replying to the kind ones you leave on my posts. Things have just gotten super hectic with the move and I'm also trying to catch up on a lot of homework! I doubt if things will calm down until mid next month and we will definitely have internet free periods in between. Sigh!

Still, I do read all your posts on my husband's smartphone and I will keep taking pictures for the 15 for 15 challenge, so I can post them here whenever I have time. :)

I spent of all yesterday in pajamas, packing up stuff, so I guess I've missed a day of the challenge! I'll make it up at some later date. For now, here is outfit #3 of my challenge - a red and blue combo :)

What do you think?


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WIW: Day 2 of the 15 challenge

Today I wore my dark teal t shirt and corduroy pants. I wanted to wear my red denim jacket, but it was really cold, so I ended up adding pops of red with my necklace and shoes instead.

Sorry I don't have a shot with the jacket off - hubby and I forgot! :( So I'm including a pic of the necklace.

This was the last wear of this t shirt though - it's become so stretched out and looks very faded in person. So I'm down to 14 items. :P


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New denim jacket!

While I was still mulling over whether to buy the two toned oxfords, my husband and I walked into Benetton where we found denim jackets in a plethora of springy colours - red, green, marigold and bubblegum pink! I tried them all on, without the intention of buying anything, but my husband loved the red so much, he bought it for me on the spot!

The sleeves as always are a tad long, but I like the casual rolled sleeves look on a denim jacket so I don't mind. I like everything else about it. :)

I'm really happy with this purchase, since this fulfills the jackets I wanted for spring - a patterned one (the blazer I thrifted) and a coloured one (this jacket).

Sorry for the rumpled photos - we're shifting and just walked home with a lot of heavy cartons.

ETA: This is not styled, I just threw the jacket over what I was wearing. But now that I look at it, it isn't too bad :P


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New necklace :)

I just got the necklace I ordered from Etsy (whimsy beading) and it is lovelier than I expected!

I picked the Midnight Carnival necklace (http://www.etsy.com/listing/65.....b-necklace) because it had multicoloured beads and I figured it would be versatile.

And I have to say, the beads are truly gorgeous and really catch the light every time I move. I'm home today, but I cannot wait to wear this to class tomorrow!

What do you think? :)


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WIW: Stripes week Day 2

Another 'red on red' outfit for me today! I like this one even more than yesterday's.

I'm also wearing an orphan necklace - it usually doesn't go with anything, but I thought it looked okay with this outfit. What do you think? Also, does it look mint to you? :P

ETA: Forever 21's site says this necklace is aqua, but it looks minty to me!


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WIW: Stripes week Day 1

My blog friend Megan Mae has a 'stripes week' challenge starting today and I decided to participate. I think it will be fun to wear all my striped items over the course of a week! :D

Today, I decided to wear my red striped Gap t shirt and cords. I wasn't planning on actually wearing this necklace with the t shirt, but once I tried it on I really liked the straight lines with the round shapes of the necklace and the 'red on red'.

What do you think? :)

ETA: Please excuse the rubberband on my wrist :P


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I went shoppingggggggg :D

I didn't actually plan to buy anything since I was supposed to be waiting for the returns from my 2 disastrous blazer purchases before I bought anything. But hubs and I went to the thrift store to drop off some stuff and of course, I picked up some stuff 'just to try on'!

I ended up buying a striped cotton blazer for €5! The brand is Sinequanone, which is a brand that I only shop during the final markdown at sale season - it is that expensive! None of their blazers are below €90, so this is really a steal. What do you think of it? I know the sleeves have to be hemmed and of course, it refuses to button up without a lot of pulling, but I really like the fit and so does hubs :)

I was pretty happy after this purchase but then we stopped by the shoe store and picked up my two toned oxfords too! Wheee :D

I've spent all my budget for March now, but I couldn't be happier with all the stuff I've bought! :)


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WIW: yellow pants (and a question)

After yesterday's super colourful outfit, I consciously decided to wear black today. But then I paired it with my yellow pants :P

Speaking of these pants, I noticed just today how freaking visible the pocket lining is. Hubs says it isn't as visible IRL but now that I have seen it, I can't get over it. Any suggestions on how this can be fixed?


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WIW that my husband helped with!

I had to go back to the hospital today (got some blood test results that were all okay!) and I was really nervous so I decided to wear lots of colour!

I decided on the pink turtleneck and the red pants and I was testing out scarves when my husband suggested I wear my red skull one. I was thinking of wearing black shoes to bookend, because of my hair and the black skull print, or my loafers but he picked out my oxfords and I think they looked pretty great too, especially since I put my camel trench on top.

I'm really glad that my husband, who cringed when I originally bought home these bright pants, has now gotten so used to my colourful outfits that he is even offering input on them! This is an outfit I'm definitely going to repeat - I may wear it to class next week!

I know it's ALGO, but I would love to know what you guys think. :)

P.S. I added pic #3 just because it's a fun (and goofy) photo - my husband was making me laugh as he clicked :D


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WIW that made me feel fashionable

If you break it down, there is nothing spectacular about today's outfit - a t shirt, jeans and a pair of loafers, topped by a brown jacket.

But the shape of the jacket and the colour of my loafers made me feel so fashionable! I would never have bought these shoes or this jacket if I hadn't started blogging and now look at me, wearing them both in the same outfit! :D

What do you think? :)


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