Ask Angie and everyone else: your opinion on these skirts? ETA pics

These are the two skirts I bought from Zara in Paris. I love them both and even though I have not taken the tags off yet, I really want to!

These pictures are not styled, I just wore the skirts with my blouse/cami from today's outfit. I will get the leopard skirt shortened to the same length as the lace one, since I do not wear midis (they make me look stumpy with flats).

What do you think? :-)

ETA: Pic 3 shows the length of the lace skirt and I hope pics 5&6 show the leopard skirt better.


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WIW that is 'normal'

When I walked out of my room in this outfit this morning, my brother told me 'you look nice TODAY!'. When I asked him why, he said that all my outfits so far (my Paris ones) had been pretty outrageous! I guess lots of colour/pattern can seem too much to others. Oh well. This is my style and I love it :)

Today's outfit is pretty simple though - blouse, jeans and flats, perfect for a walk in the park.

What do you think? :)


Paris outfit diary: WIW on my trip

I'm back from my trip and while I'm still tired, it was pretty fun! The highlight for me was our trip to Disneyland, it was AMAZING!

Coming to my outfits, while I didn't take a lot of clothes with me I enjoyed all the outfits I came up with, except maybe the last one that seemed a little 'juvenile' and ALGO.

Outfit 1 - I wore this to travel from Lyon to Paris. Very comfy and I like the denim jacket over dress formula.

Outfit 2 - My 'honeybee' look! This is the last time I will ever wear these pants, they got a huge hole in them! :(

Outfit 3 - I wore this one to the Louvre. It is a repeat of an old outfit with different shoes and a necklace instead of a scarf.

Outfit 4 - This is what I wore to Disneyland. I also added some Minnie Mouse ears, just for fun!

Outfit 5 - My husband and I went shopping, so I decided to repeat the dress since it is so easy to take off in trial rooms. I loved this outfit.

Outfit 6 - This one shows my poor packing skills. Hubs left one night early and I accidentally sent off all my clothes with him. So all I was left with was a graphic t, my turquoise cardigan, red pants and red shoes! Oh well! We live and learn right?! This was my travel back outfit so I didn't wear it for too long.

What do you think? :)


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Umm, about that SYC... (bought three skirts!)

...I should have known it wouldn't last in Paris! My husband saw me staring greedily at all the brands that we don't have in Lyon and offered to take me to Banana Republic and Marks and Spencers. I did not find anything there that fit right despite liking and trying on a LOT of stuff so I was quite dejected.

Hubs is such a darling. He said 'doesn't Zara really suit you these days? I am sure you will find something there!' So off we went to the giant Zara at Blvd. Hausmann. I picked up just two items to try and both fit! The first (pic 1) is a leopard print skirt that hits me slightly below my knee. I am planning to shorten this just a tad. It is 100% cotton so perfect for summer!
The second (pic 2&3) is a lace skirt. This one hits me right above my knee and looks so great on! I am so happy I found it just when Angie wrote her post on lace skirts! It is polyester but unlined. Do you think it would work for summer?

We also just happened to pop into Mango, where I bought this red skirt (pic 4). It is also cotton and seeing how much I wear my red pants, I am sure it will get a LOT of use.

I really should be repentant. But these skirts are so awesome! Plus, I got my result today just after we finished shopping and I got 86% this semester!!! So how can I be sad?

I promise I will be as good as gold now and I will only shop during the sales end of june.

What do you think of my purchases? I am going back home tomorrow so I will put up styled pics then!


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WIW: my favourite kind of outfit

There are some outfits that you could wear everyday for the rest of your life. For me, this outfit is one of them - shirt, blazer, jeans and oxfords plus my trusty satchel. What makes it special for me is the crisp lime of the shirt and the bright pink of my shoes and lips. For me, on the happiness scale, it was truly an 11 on 10!

I have worn this combo before - with a denim shirt (pic #3) and with red pants and a black t shirt instead of a shirt and jeans (pic #4).

What do you think? And what are your 'go to' outfits, the kind that you could wear everyday and still feel fabulous? :)


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Hopping on the SYC bandwagon for a bit!

This past month has been very hectic for me shopping wise. I bought a lot of stuff and frankly, I do not want to add up the costs and see how much I have overspent! The good thing is that I have been filling the big hole that was my summer wardrobe, plus with all the styling experiments I have been doing I know that each item will be remixed and reworn a lot.

Anyway, even though all the shopping has been worth it, I need a break especially since the annual summer sales will start in Lyon on June 27th and I want to set aside some money for shopping at that time.

So I have decided to do SYC as well, just until the sales start. I am sure it will go well, since I have lots of new stuff that I am very excited to start wearing! The only exception I might make is for summer footwear, either metallic flats or sandals, since it is difficult for me to find footwear that fits and is comfy.

My last purchase before starting will be a pair of denim bermudas (which I tried on before deciding to SMC), but after that I am going to take SYC very seriously - I plan to unsubscribe from emails about promos and sales and to avoid even thrifting and window shopping for a month!

Who else is on SYC in June? :-)


Outfits with brown and yellow Benetton blouse

I tried on different toppers with this blouse a while back ( and today I decided to try out full outfits based on the toppers that worked.

Again, sorry for the abundance of styling posts, I guess I'm just feeling inspired lately? I am also home sick and so have lots of time!

Do these work? I am thinking of wearing one of these outfits on my Paris trip - which one would you pick?


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Lace top styling - for my Paris trip!

I apologise for spamming the forum with my styling posts. I can't help it - at this point, my closet is full of clothes that excite me and are so versatile that they can be styled in several ways. Plus, I am home sick and time alone with my clothes cheers me up!

Anyway, I plan to take this lace top to Paris and so I played around with some toppers and bottoms. Do these outfits work? Which ones do you like best?

P.S. Sorry about the unironed skirt in pics 1 to 3. I am barefoot because I was feeling lazy. I would wear oxfords with the pants based looks and flats with the skirt. :-)


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Another styling experiment - brown leaf print skirt

I am having so much fun styling items and posting them here! It is great to receive feedback and advice, especially as I am building outfits from wardobe orphans or new to me styles like button down shirts.

Today's orphan is a cotton skirt that I bought two years ago and have never worn. *hangs head in shame* It is a blackish brown colour with a leaf print. It is not exactly a pencil skirt, it flips out a little at the bottom so I can walk easily. Pic 1 shows a close up.

I have styled it using some tops and jackets that I think would 'go' with the skirt. My oxfords look clunky with this skirt, so I am wearing my only pair of ballet flats in some of these photos. I plan to add some sandals or metallic flats to my summer wardobe and wear them with this skirt. :-)

Pics 2&3 with my orange t shirt.
Pics 4, 5, 6 with my black t shirt
Pic 7 with my white shirt
Pic 8&9 with a brown cami
Pic 10 with my lime shirt, sleeves unrolled and Pic 11 with my lime shirt, sleeves rolled and buttoned up.

As always, I would love your input - what works and what doesn't?


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Styling grey dress - need help!

I am making another trip to Paris this weekend and this time, I wanted to take along a dress.

This is one of the only dresses I have and I haven't worn it as much as I should. Now I want to change that. Sorry the lighting sucks, but you can see the dress by itself in pic 1 and 2. It has a grey and black checked pattern.

I wish I had some ballet flats comfy and sturdy enough for hours of walking, but I don't. So I decided to try out the with oxfords look like Sveta and Diana. I also tried out all my toppers that looked okay with the dress.

What do you think of these outfits? What works and what doesn't?

P.S. Pic 9 is the dress with my light grey denim vest. Does that look okay? It will be too cold to wear this in Paris, but I just wanted to try it. Excuse the house slippers pls!


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