WIW on yet another trip to the mall

Just a simple look today - a t shirt and my red pants, plus my two tone oxfords. What do you think? :)


WIW and a confession (long-ish)

I wore another version of the stripes+floral pattern mix today with my new shorts. It was the perfect look an evening stroll with hubby and some errands, casual yet 'me'. :-)

The confession is that I am tired of the 30x30 challenge. I will be frank, my summer wardrobe was pretty dismal when I started the challenge and a lot of the stuff that made my list is nos too tight/too worn out. But now that the sales are here, plus some of the pre sale shopping I did, I do have some fun pieces that I want to wear NOW before our short lived summer ends, like these shorts! It would be no biggie had I finished my challenge in June, but because I am no longer going to college, I don't post outfits everyday and the slow pace of the challenge is SO annoying. I want to quit, but I also wonder whether giving up is the loser's way out and if I should just stick with it. What would you do?


WIW this weekend (Day 14&15 of 30x30)

On Saturday we went to the mall for some window shopping. After being stuck at home with a throat infection, I wanted to wear something fun and bright so I went for bright florals (pic 1). Yesterday, my husband took me out to watch the Dictator and for Chinese food. He loves neutrals, so in honour of him, I wore an all neutral outfit (pic 2). I liked both outfits, even though they are so different :-)


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Ask Angie and everyone: Business Casual wardrobe help (ETA shoe pics)

The baby siting job I got didn't end up leading anywhere. But I have applied for two jobs this week. One of them is at the British Council and starts on July 1st. I have no idea if I will get the job, but I do think I have a chance of being called for the interview. And the interview will probably be soon, because the job is scheduled to start in 10 days!

Would any of my wardrobe work for an interview/business casual setting? I am thinking my Benetton brown and yellow dotted blouse, my purple and lime half sleeve cotton shirts and my Zara white shirt that would work well as tops.

I am wondering what kind of bottoms would work with these tops and any other tops I may purchase? I would need to buy bottoms, since none of the pants I have would work for an office environment. White jeans/pants (not denim, nice thick cotton), dark wash jeans or a pair of trousers? What colour would you suggest for trousers? Also, would my red pants work? They aren't denim, they're a nice thick cotton. I am not that comfortable in skirts, so I don't have them on my must have list. If I find a nice one, I will add it in.

I do think I am set as far as shoes and toppers go - I can wear my nude and pink oxfords, my black and floral flats plus I already have a black blazer, a cream blazer, a turquoise cardigan and a striped cardigan. Once it gets hotter, I am not sure I will be wearing toppers anyway. I do want to look for a pair of black leather flats because the crochet/lace ones aren't as dressy. I would also love to add in a pair of animal print flats!

As for a bag, my satchel will work for sure. Once I can afford another bag, I would love another satchel, a coloured/colour blocked one to add in some fun.

As far as jewellery/accessories are concerned, I would really like to add in a necklace or two, plus some bracelets in fun summery colours.

What do you think? Am I missing anything? I would love your ideas/suggestions, especially on bottoms. I know I haven't got either of the jobs yet, but I want to look my best for an interview. Plus, if I do get either of them I don't want to panic and end up getting crappy stuff. The sales start next Wednesday so it would be a good time to pick some stuff up.


WIW: Red and brown (Day 12 and 13 of 30)

I'm sorry for not being as active on the forum as I want to. We're busy buying some things for the house and fixing them up, plus I am dealing with a horrid throat infection. I have still been wearing clothes though so I thought I would post my outfits from this weekend before I go back to nursing my sore throat.

I wore my red pants on both days, once with a kurta and once with my Benetton blouse. I love the first outfit, it is such a fresh take on the kurta and jeans look! My husband liked the second outfit, he thought it looked 'classy'! :-)


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WIW: 'new' shorts (Day 11 of 30x30)

I had to wear my new shorts today which is perfect since the prompt for today in the 'This or That trends challenge' (http://www.meganmaedaily.com/2.....rends.html) is 'Printed/Coloured bottoms'. :)

Pls. excuse the water stains on my t shirt, I wish I had seen that before I changed out of my outfit. Sigh!


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WIW: Floral (Day 10 of 30x30)

Today's prompt in Megan Mae's challenge (http://www.meganmaedaily.com/2.....rends.html) was Tribal/Floral. I decided to go with floral so that I could wear my new flats. I loved the simplicity of this outfit - perfect for a day of errands and window shopping. :)


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Yellow shorts!

Remember how my yellow pants tore? I had been wanting to turn them into clams, but the cost of alterations would be more than the pants themselves! My darling hubby came to the rescue and chopped them up himself :-D

I just folded up the raggedy edges and voila, I have yellow shorts! I am adding these to my 30x30 items. Here is my updated list of 30 items - http://kirti.lookfab.com/post/.....ringsummer.

P.S. Pls excuse the nightshirt and house slippers.


WIW: Day 9 of 30x30

Apart from the 30x30 challenge, I have also signed up for my friend Megan Mae's 'This or That Trends challenge'(http://www.meganmaedaily.com/2012/06/fashion-challenge-this-or-that-trends.html). I couldn't post yesterday, so I decided to combine the prompt for yesterday (solid brights) and the prompt for today (flats). I would love to know what you think!

Also I'm sorry for being a bit MIA, it's just been a hectic few days!


WIW: grey and blue (Day 8 of 30x30)

I finally wore this outfit I thought up of a few days ago - my grey printed dress with my rose tights. I don't know if it worked as well as I imagined, but this is a fun combo and I liked it :)