Some fun new purchases

I really shouldn't be shopping, but the sales end on Tuesday and I got caught up in the frenzy of last minute discounts, most of them too good to be true!

I got the snakeskin top/sweater from Mango along with two belts. The first belt (see pic 2) is a black elastic belt with a black and brown snakeskin clasp. I like the combo of black and brown because I feel like it will make the belt versatile. The second belt (see pics 3-5) is a deep red obi belt with super skinny ties. I remember Angie says deep reds are very 'in' this autumn, so I just couldn't resist this belt!

Also, remember the knuckle ring I posted about here - Well, it arrived! I got it from raveneve jewelry on Etsy ( and it is a perfect fit (see pic 6). I love how 'cool' it looks! :D

What do you think of my new purchases?


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elizabethkelly obi belt review

After months of stalking her shop, I finally purchased a black leather obi belt from elizabethkelly ( on Etsy.

I sent the seller Jo several messages on Etsy with questions regarding her belts and she answered them patiently and in great detail. I narrowed down on the black belt but wanted the ties shorter than normal and she agreed immediately, even giving me advice on a good length for someone my height. Needless to say, I was impressed with her shop even before I got the belt.

The belt was shipped in 3-4 days and Jo sent me the tracking number the moment the package was shipped. It reached me in a few days and with the belt, I found a lovely handwritten tag saying 'Handmade for Ki'. I don't know about you, but I am a sucker for personal touches like this!

The belt itself is made of a very soft leather. When I first tried it on I wondered if getting the ties shortened was a good idea since they seemed a little too short to me. However, after wearing it around the house a few times, I realised that this is a good length for me as it doesn't overwhelm my 5'4'' frame. I also love that Jo sells her obi belts in two different widths, 5'' and 3''. I chose the 3'' and it is the perfect width for me - any wider and it would be too much belt for my short waist.

I had a great experience buying from elizabethkelly and even though the belt wasn't cheap, I feel like it was well worth the expense. I hope this helps those of you who are thinking about ordering from her (like Shannon) or anyone who is on a lookout for a quality obi belt.

Here is a link to the belt I ordered - (see pic 1)

Pics 2 to 4 show me wearing the belt.

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with this shop, I just wanted to show off my latest purchase ;)


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What do you think of these shoes?

I'm not sure quite what they are - booties? oxford like shoes with buckles? I was attracted by the buckle detail and I think that these would work well well for autumn and winter, with both pants and dresses.

What do you think? Worth getting?


Snakeskin sweater/top: yay or nay?

I had a doctor's appt today and on the way back, I stopped at the mall. I have been on the look out for a slouchy sweater, something like Angie got from NAS but with a lower neckline since I have a larger bust.

I think this cotton sweater from Mango might fit the bill. It is black&white snakeskin, slightly high low and has 3/4th length sleeves. I would wear it with a cami underneath and when it gets colder, a thermal tank. I usually wear fitted clothes, so this is something new for me. What do you think?

It is on sale and the sales end on Sunday, so I would get this tomorrow if you all approve. Thanks for helping! :)


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GAP bf jeans: Help!

I had a doctor's appointment today and on the way back, I decided to take the metro to the mall. I stopped by at Gap to try the Sexy Boyfriend jeans and I have to say, I'm a little confused about what these are supposed to fit like.

I first tried my regular size (see pic 1 to 3). The waist fit pretty well and these are definitely slouchier than any other jeans I have ever worn. But are they slouchy enough?

Pics 4 and 5 show one size up. These are so loose in the waist that they sit on my hip and even then, I was petrified that they would fall off! I can take these off without unbuttoning. Is this the right amount of slouch? If I get this size, should I get the waist altered?

I'm also wondering if boyfriend jeans need to be worn with a pair of heels (however low) or if I can make them work with flats? I'm picturing my oxfords with these and I like the idea of that menswear-ish vibe.

Thanks for helping!


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WIW: floral and colour blocking

Here are two of the outfits I wore this week. The shorts outfit was just for some errands and the coral and yellow outfit was for yesterday's Everybody Everywear challenge where the theme was 'Colour blocking'.

What do you think? :-)


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Obi baby aka what I finally bought!

I have been stalking elizabethkelly's etsy shop and her gorgeous obi belts since the beginning of the year. I just couldn't pull the trigger because I felt like they were a little too expensive, plus what would I wear them with?! But now that I've bought a few dresses and a skirt in the sales, I decided to pull the trigger and ordered this belt -

I cannot tell you how helpful and friendly the shop owner is. She answered every one of my (silly) questions so patiently and agreed to make the belt ties a bit shorter for me as well. I will review the belt once it reaches me, but for now all I can say is that I have had a great experience with this etsy store. :-)


WIW: Some old and some new

Thank you to all those who supported me in my decision to give up my 30x30 challenge. It felt so good to put that challenge behind me and enjoy my summer wardrobe. :)

A few days back I wore my new spectacle print t shirt and my neon legging jeans. This was such a fun outfit! My husband cannot stand these jeans though, they are just too bright for him :P

Today I wore my grey printed dress with a fun new purchase - my obi belt! My friend Megan Mae makes these with thrifted men's ties. I got a lot of compliments on this belt today and even hubs said it looks 'pretty cool', although he insists on calling it my 'Obi Wan Kanobi belt'! Btw, if you're interested in checking these belts out, you can check out Megan's blog -

What do you think of these outfits? :)


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