Potential party outfit #1

I'm going for a party thrown by my husband's friend next week. It is a casual party, most of the guys will be in jeans and girls in casual dresses/jeans. But even at their most casual, French girls have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' and so I want to plan my outfit in advance.

What do you think of this blouse and red pants combo? The blouse is a step up from just a t shirt but not too fancy, which is why I like it. The party is indoors so I won't need a topper. As for shoes, I would wear my two toned brown and taupe oxfords. No scarves or necklaces, but I would add a bracelet and small earrings. :-)

Thanks for helping :-)


Dress obsessed: some more stylin' (more pics!)

I swear that this is my last dress post of the evening! I can't help it, your feedback and suggestions made me go back and try on some more combos, plus I decided to combine some of the necklace and shoe combos to see of they worked. Some of this might seem a bit repetitive, sorry about that, but I'd like to have a ready record on my Lookfab blog for quick and easy outfit ideas!

Pics 1&2 - green dress with snakeskin belt and two shoe options. Does the snake belt work with either shoe?

Pics 3&4 - green dress with necklaces plus oxfords.

Pics 5&6 - green dress with red flats and necklaces.

Pics 7&8 - green dress with striped cardi. Does this work? If so, is closed better or open?

Pic 9 is the green dress with orange necklace and blazer, as per shiny's suggestion. Does the blazer go with the dress?

Pics 10&11 are the coral dress with my cardigans. Turquoise looks lovely with coral, but isn't this cardigan too long? Also, do the stripes work with the coral? Sorry there is no pic of me in the last combo!

Phew! I would love your feedback on these looks. Thanks again for your help, it really helps :-)


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Styling my green lace dress: help! (pic heavy) ETA pic w/ oxfords

I bought this emerald green lace dress (pic 1) during the summer sales and now I'm a bit unsure about how to style it. It is a fit and flare style, which I have never worn before which may be what is throwing me off a little. I am also new to wearing dresses and this one is just so girly and sort of fancy that I am afraid I will style it all wrong.

The first thing I am confused about is footwear. I feel like ballet flats look best with this style, but I have only two at the moment. My sandals look okay, I think. Not sure about oxfords with such a feminine style, but I did try one pair. Would black ballet flats work?

Also, what toppers could I wear this dress with? It seems to work well with my cropped denim jacket, but nothing else. Would it work with cardigans?

This colour is also new to my wardrobe, so I am not sure what other colours 'go' with it! Any suggestions?

Sorry for sounding so freaked out! I love this dress, despite how I may sound. The colour is perfect, it shows off my waist and my husband picked it out! I just don't want it to become an orphan.

Here are the many different ways I tried styling it today:

Pics 2-6 show it with my belt wardrobe.

Pics 7-9 show some different shoe options including rose oxfords, floral flats and red flats.

Pics 10-12 show some jewellery options. Sorry one of the pics is blurry.

The last two pics show the two toppers I tried. Not sure about the blazer but the denim jacket looked okay, I think? Sorry the blazer pic came out so badly.

What do you think? Do any of these looks work or am I completely off? As always, I am going not for dressy but for a stylish yet casual vibe. I would also love any suggestions re. how to style this dress.



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My wardrobe stats

All these posts on small wardrobes and minimalism made me go through my closet with a fine toothed comb. I purged a few skirts and a vest and put a few t shirts in the 'temporary keep' pile (thanks Angie!). I also made a list of each and every piece of clothing that I own for the very first time. It is amazing how many more things I have than I thought! I am happy to report that I do wear most of the items in my closet. I do need to wear a few items more though and I have a couple of orphans as well.

Here are my closet stats:
1. Shirts/tops - 7 (some need to be worn more)
2. T shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve) - 14 (some need replacing, need more woven tops)
3. Kurtas/kurti tops - 5
4. Leggings/churidar bottoms - 3
5. Jeans/pants - 5 (my denim jeans need replacing)
6. Dresses - 8 (3 are unworn as they need alterations and others need to be worn more)
7. Shorts - 3
8. Blazers - 2
9. Cardigans - 2
10. Jackets - 4
11. Vests - 2 (orphans, need to be worn more)
12. Cotton sweaters - 2
13. Skirts - 1

Phew! So there are 58 items in my closet. I do know that there are some wardrobe holes, I need some knitwear for winter, for example, and a winter coat. But making this list has showed me that I do have a lot of variety, clothes that fit and flatter me and can be worn in a variety of ways. I plan to follow Angie's advice and get as much wear out of these as possible even as I shop and add more stuff to my closet. :)


Styling coral dress #2 - toppers

Since I was playing around with my coral dress anyway ( http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ost-687635), I decided to style it with a few of my toppers to see if it would work well for spring/autumn. I don't think I would wear this dress in winter because of the bright summery colour.

Pic 1 is with my cropped light wash denim jacket.

Pic 2 is with my dark wash, longer denim jacket.

Pic 3 is with my bright red denim jacket.

Pic 4 is with my cream blazer.

Neither of my cardigans looked right with the dress and my black blazer looked way too harsh.

What do you think of these combos? It is too hot to wear any of them now but I am hoping that once I am back from India in October, I can wear these outfits.

P.S. Please excuse the house slippers!


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Styling coral dress #1 (India travel outfits part 1)

Remember the coral dress I bought during the sales? For those of those who don't, it is a coral eyelet dress that is 100% cotton and fully lined. Sadly, I haven't been able to wear it since I was unwell and unable to go anywhere.

But I am travelling to India next month and it is going to be very hot there, so I hope that I can wear it a few times during the trip. As I did for my Paris travel capsule, I decided to style the dress in a few different ways. What do you think?

Pics 1&2 are with my two toned oxfords and different necklaces. I could also wear my red ballet flats with these two outfits.

Pics 3&4 are with my navy obi, both tied like a traditional obi and tied back to create a regular belt. I could also wear my metallic sandals with these outfits.

Pics 5&6 are with my dark red obi, with my metallic sandals in one outfit and my oxfords in the second.

Do any of these work? I don't want the dress to have a very fancy or dressed up vibe, I'm aiming for stylish yet casual. :-)

P.S. I'm going to be in India for a month and I'm still working on a travel capsule, so expect a lot more 'India travel outfits' posts!


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Ask Angie and everyone: Business Casual wardrobe help (ETA shoe pics)

The baby siting job I got didn't end up leading anywhere. But I have applied for two jobs this week. One of them is at the British Council and starts on July 1st. I have no idea if I will get the job, but I do think I have a chance of being called for the interview. And the interview will probably be soon, because the job is scheduled to start in 10 days!

Would any of my wardrobe work for an interview/business casual setting? I am thinking my Benetton brown and yellow dotted blouse, my purple and lime half sleeve cotton shirts and my Zara white shirt that would work well as tops.

I am wondering what kind of bottoms would work with these tops and any other tops I may purchase? I would need to buy bottoms, since none of the pants I have would work for an office environment. White jeans/pants (not denim, nice thick cotton), dark wash jeans or a pair of trousers? What colour would you suggest for trousers? Also, would my red pants work? They aren't denim, they're a nice thick cotton. I am not that comfortable in skirts, so I don't have them on my must have list. If I find a nice one, I will add it in.

I do think I am set as far as shoes and toppers go - I can wear my nude and pink oxfords, my black and floral flats plus I already have a black blazer, a cream blazer, a turquoise cardigan and a striped cardigan. Once it gets hotter, I am not sure I will be wearing toppers anyway. I do want to look for a pair of black leather flats because the crochet/lace ones aren't as dressy. I would also love to add in a pair of animal print flats!

As for a bag, my satchel will work for sure. Once I can afford another bag, I would love another satchel, a coloured/colour blocked one to add in some fun.

As far as jewellery/accessories are concerned, I would really like to add in a necklace or two, plus some bracelets in fun summery colours.

What do you think? Am I missing anything? I would love your ideas/suggestions, especially on bottoms. I know I haven't got either of the jobs yet, but I want to look my best for an interview. Plus, if I do get either of them I don't want to panic and end up getting crappy stuff. The sales start next Wednesday so it would be a good time to pick some stuff up.


Yellow shorts!

Remember how my yellow pants tore? I had been wanting to turn them into clams, but the cost of alterations would be more than the pants themselves! My darling hubby came to the rescue and chopped them up himself :-D

I just folded up the raggedy edges and voila, I have yellow shorts! I am adding these to my 30x30 items. Here is my updated list of 30 items - http://kirti.lookfab.com/post/.....ringsummer.

P.S. Pls excuse the nightshirt and house slippers.


Another pattern mix idea - does it work?

My grey and black dress with my teal rose tights. I am planning to wear this with my denim jacket (which I am adding in to my 30 item capsule in place of my torn blouse).

Does it work?


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Does this pattern mix work? ETA better pics

I tried the grey striped t shirt I wore today with my leaf print skirt. Does it work?


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