WIW and a confession (long-ish)

I wore another version of the stripes+floral pattern mix today with my new shorts. It was the perfect look an evening stroll with hubby and some errands, casual yet 'me'. :-)

The confession is that I am tired of the 30x30 challenge. I will be frank, my summer wardrobe was pretty dismal when I started the challenge and a lot of the stuff that made my list is nos too tight/too worn out. But now that the sales are here, plus some of the pre sale shopping I did, I do have some fun pieces that I want to wear NOW before our short lived summer ends, like these shorts! It would be no biggie had I finished my challenge in June, but because I am no longer going to college, I don't post outfits everyday and the slow pace of the challenge is SO annoying. I want to quit, but I also wonder whether giving up is the loser's way out and if I should just stick with it. What would you do?


WIW this weekend (Day 14&15 of 30x30)

On Saturday we went to the mall for some window shopping. After being stuck at home with a throat infection, I wanted to wear something fun and bright so I went for bright florals (pic 1). Yesterday, my husband took me out to watch the Dictator and for Chinese food. He loves neutrals, so in honour of him, I wore an all neutral outfit (pic 2). I liked both outfits, even though they are so different :-)


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WIW: Red and brown (Day 12 and 13 of 30)

I'm sorry for not being as active on the forum as I want to. We're busy buying some things for the house and fixing them up, plus I am dealing with a horrid throat infection. I have still been wearing clothes though so I thought I would post my outfits from this weekend before I go back to nursing my sore throat.

I wore my red pants on both days, once with a kurta and once with my Benetton blouse. I love the first outfit, it is such a fresh take on the kurta and jeans look! My husband liked the second outfit, he thought it looked 'classy'! :-)


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WIW: 'new' shorts (Day 11 of 30x30)

I had to wear my new shorts today which is perfect since the prompt for today in the 'This or That trends challenge' (http://www.meganmaedaily.com/2.....rends.html) is 'Printed/Coloured bottoms'. :)

Pls. excuse the water stains on my t shirt, I wish I had seen that before I changed out of my outfit. Sigh!


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WIW: Floral (Day 10 of 30x30)

Today's prompt in Megan Mae's challenge (http://www.meganmaedaily.com/2.....rends.html) was Tribal/Floral. I decided to go with floral so that I could wear my new flats. I loved the simplicity of this outfit - perfect for a day of errands and window shopping. :)


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WIW: Day 9 of 30x30

Apart from the 30x30 challenge, I have also signed up for my friend Megan Mae's 'This or That Trends challenge'(http://www.meganmaedaily.com/2012/06/fashion-challenge-this-or-that-trends.html). I couldn't post yesterday, so I decided to combine the prompt for yesterday (solid brights) and the prompt for today (flats). I would love to know what you think!

Also I'm sorry for being a bit MIA, it's just been a hectic few days!


WIW: grey and blue (Day 8 of 30x30)

I finally wore this outfit I thought up of a few days ago - my grey printed dress with my rose tights. I don't know if it worked as well as I imagined, but this is a fun combo and I liked it :)


WIW: orange (Day 6&7 of 30x30)

I've worn my short sleeve orange t shirt two days in a row this week - once with a skirt and once with jeans. To say I dislike the first outfit would be an understatement. The skirt is a little tight and rode up all day. Sigh. It has gotta go. I like the second one though, the colour and pattern are both 'me'. :)


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WIW: stripes and florals (Day 5 of 30x30)

I love my new grey and white striped t shirt! I love the fit and the neutral colour and pattern seem to go with everything. So I decided to try it with my floral pants, after some favourable feedback from my YLF friends.

I LOVE this combo. This outfit is an 11 out of 10 on my happiness scale and I will definitely wear it again! :D

What do you think? Too much? Or does it work?


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WIW: Day 4 of 30x30

Today's outfit involves some subtle pattern mixing with the blouse and blazer, plus some colourful oxfords! I wore this to do some sightseeing in Lyon and to eat a lunch of moules frites (mussels and fries).

Pic 1&2 showcase the outfit. Pic 3 is me standing in ruins of the Roman amphitheatre in Lyon.


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