Anne fontaine in Lyon!

I spotted the store when I was out sightseeing with my parents today! Can't wait to go try one of their famous blouses out! :D

Pic #1 is the store. I added pic #2 just for fun, it is me in front of the Saone river getting my hair blown in the wind! :P


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New denim jacket!

While I was still mulling over whether to buy the two toned oxfords, my husband and I walked into Benetton where we found denim jackets in a plethora of springy colours - red, green, marigold and bubblegum pink! I tried them all on, without the intention of buying anything, but my husband loved the red so much, he bought it for me on the spot!

The sleeves as always are a tad long, but I like the casual rolled sleeves look on a denim jacket so I don't mind. I like everything else about it. :)

I'm really happy with this purchase, since this fulfills the jackets I wanted for spring - a patterned one (the blazer I thrifted) and a coloured one (this jacket).

Sorry for the rumpled photos - we're shifting and just walked home with a lot of heavy cartons.

ETA: This is not styled, I just threw the jacket over what I was wearing. But now that I look at it, it isn't too bad :P


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New necklace :)

I just got the necklace I ordered from Etsy (whimsy beading) and it is lovelier than I expected!

I picked the Midnight Carnival necklace ( because it had multicoloured beads and I figured it would be versatile.

And I have to say, the beads are truly gorgeous and really catch the light every time I move. I'm home today, but I cannot wait to wear this to class tomorrow!

What do you think? :)


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I went shoppingggggggg :D

I didn't actually plan to buy anything since I was supposed to be waiting for the returns from my 2 disastrous blazer purchases before I bought anything. But hubs and I went to the thrift store to drop off some stuff and of course, I picked up some stuff 'just to try on'!

I ended up buying a striped cotton blazer for €5! The brand is Sinequanone, which is a brand that I only shop during the final markdown at sale season - it is that expensive! None of their blazers are below €90, so this is really a steal. What do you think of it? I know the sleeves have to be hemmed and of course, it refuses to button up without a lot of pulling, but I really like the fit and so does hubs :)

I was pretty happy after this purchase but then we stopped by the shoe store and picked up my two toned oxfords too! Wheee :D

I've spent all my budget for March now, but I couldn't be happier with all the stuff I've bought! :)


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New scarf!

I ordered a fleece polka dot scarf from a shop on Etsy ( and it arrived today! It is really warm and cosy and I love the cream-y colour with the multicoloured polka dots. :)

What do you guys think?