Bought the H&M cropped jacket!

Thanks to Zapotee, Astrid and a 35% off discount code, I managed to snag the H&M cropped denim jacket for 19 euro today!

I haven't cut off the tags yet, but I'm leaning towards keeping it, since I love the fit, the faded colour and most of all the length. The sleeves are definitely too long, but I like to fold and scrunch, so that's okay. What do you think?

P.S. Sorry I folded the sleeves so crappily in the photos, I was in such a hurry to show you the jacket that I didn't notice!

P.P.S. SYC? Whay SYC? :P

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  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Looks wonderful on you, Kirti!!

  • Meredith1953 replied 6 years ago

    It fits perfectly Kirti! Great score!

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thank you Suz and Meredith! I really love it :D

  • Astrid replied 6 years ago

    It looks awesome on you! Also awesome is that you got it for only 19€. ;) Please keep, then we can be denim jacket twins. :) Or triplets, more like.

  • replied 6 years ago

    It fits perfectly in the shoulders so I say keep! I love the copper buttons and the wash is nice. I think you got it for a steal!

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Astrid! I am so happy I had the discount code, although I would have paid the 30 euro as well since the jacket is pretty great :-P

    I am keeping it, I think, so we can be jacket triplets with Zap! Whee :-D

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Claire! I am pretty thrilled about the discount too! :D

  • fieldmouse replied 6 years ago

    Definitely a good buy, the back fits perfectly! Darn, why oh why don't we have an H&M here. :P

  • christieanne replied 6 years ago

    You scored on this one!

  • Zapotee replied 6 years ago

    I'm so glad you were able to find it... Right across the pond too:)
    It's a great quality, IMO and at that price, what a deal!

  • RandomThoughts (Andrea) replied 6 years ago

    Score! Definitely keep this

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Elle Ne! Even though we have H&M here, I had to go to three stores to find this jacket. They tend to be very inconsistent with stock!

    Thanks Christieanne :-)

    Zap: I had to go to three stores to find my size, but I am so glad I did. Thanks so much for posting about it! The quality does seem great and the fit is awesome. :-) Have you posted a pic in yours?

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Andrea! :-)

  • MNsara replied 6 years ago

    The jacket is great, and the way it fits you is perfect! I love when you can get save money on something you were planning to get anyway :-)

    This can also be a perfect accompanient to your bright colored jeans/tees!

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    MN Sara: That makes sense - I had been looking for the perfect cropped jacket anyway! Thanks :-P

  • qfbrenda replied 6 years ago

    Looks great!

    SYC = shop your closet

  • citygirldc replied 6 years ago

    Looks cute on. I may have to stop by HM.

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thanknyou qfbrenda! :-)

    citygirldc, you would look awesome in this jacket! You should try it on :-)

  • Transcona Shannon replied 6 years ago

    Perfect on you Kirti!

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