New necklace :)

I just got the necklace I ordered from Etsy (whimsy beading) and it is lovelier than I expected!

I picked the Midnight Carnival necklace ( because it had multicoloured beads and I figured it would be versatile.

And I have to say, the beads are truly gorgeous and really catch the light every time I move. I'm home today, but I cannot wait to wear this to class tomorrow!

What do you think? :)

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  • ManidipaM replied 11 years ago

    It's a carnival of colour! And because of the darker tones, very sophisticated. Can't wait to see what you pair them with!

  • harmonica replied 11 years ago

    such a nice piece! the colours will be great with your skin tone

  • Jjsloane replied 11 years ago

    That's beautiful. I love the colors and the crystals should catch the light well.

  • Meredith1953 replied 11 years ago

    Wow! That would be so wonderful with anything with blue or yellow. Actually it will go with a lot of things. Pics please!

  • Kirti replied 11 years ago

    Thanks all! I am really looking forward to wearing it!

    Meredith: Thank you so much for the suggestions! I'll try it with both :)

  • Sarah A replied 11 years ago

    I really like it a lot! I think it would go well with some of your striped shirts or solid tops or dresses... so many options!

  • Sara L. replied 11 years ago

    Beautiful! I love browsing Etsy and looked at all the lovely things people create.

  • Kirti replied 11 years ago

    Sarah A: Exactly why I bought it :) I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of it!

    Sara L: Me too! I've bought some really cool stuff from there!

  • christieanne replied 11 years ago

    Love!! Looks like it will fit in perfectly with your closet.

  • Astrid replied 11 years ago

    I think this goes with everything! Very pretty. Can't wait to see it!

  • Kirti replied 11 years ago

    Thanks Christieanne and Astrid :)

  • Aida replied 11 years ago

    Lovely, such great colors for you too. I'm sure you'll get plenty of wear from this necklace. I adore those AB crystals, they are so super sparkly ^^

  • Transcona Shannon replied 11 years ago

    Oh's GORGEOUS!

  • Deborah replied 11 years ago

    Kirti this is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing you wear this. Ot looks like it will go with so much in your wardrobe.

  • sammie86 replied 11 years ago

    I think the neckless looks really nice.

  • Kirti replied 11 years ago

    Thank you all :) I will wear it soon I promise :D

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