Paris outfit diary: WIW on my trip

I'm back from my trip and while I'm still tired, it was pretty fun! The highlight for me was our trip to Disneyland, it was AMAZING!

Coming to my outfits, while I didn't take a lot of clothes with me I enjoyed all the outfits I came up with, except maybe the last one that seemed a little 'juvenile' and ALGO.

Outfit 1 - I wore this to travel from Lyon to Paris. Very comfy and I like the denim jacket over dress formula.

Outfit 2 - My 'honeybee' look! This is the last time I will ever wear these pants, they got a huge hole in them! :(

Outfit 3 - I wore this one to the Louvre. It is a repeat of an old outfit with different shoes and a necklace instead of a scarf.

Outfit 4 - This is what I wore to Disneyland. I also added some Minnie Mouse ears, just for fun!

Outfit 5 - My husband and I went shopping, so I decided to repeat the dress since it is so easy to take off in trial rooms. I loved this outfit.

Outfit 6 - This one shows my poor packing skills. Hubs left one night early and I accidentally sent off all my clothes with him. So all I was left with was a graphic t, my turquoise cardigan, red pants and red shoes! Oh well! We live and learn right?! This was my travel back outfit so I didn't wear it for too long.

What do you think? :)

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  • modgrl replied 10 years ago

    I actually really like the turqoiuse cardigan with the red jeans. I think it's really cute! I would prefer a different top though, possibly a woven tank or blouse. You look great every day. Hope you had a very nice trip!

  • harmonica replied 10 years ago

    You look absolutely gorgeous on every photo! :-) I love the turqoiuse cardi and red jeans too. A linen top would be great . Or how about your white lace top? Poor packing skills may have added a new combo to your wardboe and that's not bad :-)

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thanks Rita! I definitely want to recreate that outfit with a different top :-)

    harmonica: Ooh thanks! I will try it with my lace top!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    Great outfits Kirti - I especially love #2! Glad you had a great time!

  • Jonesy replied 10 years ago

    Beautiful, colorful, fun looks! I love how well those oxfords work for you--they look equally great with skirts and skinnies! Love the Minnie ears too, of course.

  • replied 10 years ago

    Oh you look so chic Kirti! I love all of these outfits and how cool that you brought two pairs of colored skinny jeans. I really love the black top/black and white striped sweater with the mustard jeans. Your oxfords look really good with everything and you look like you had such a different outfit each day despite the fact that you traveled light. The outfit you were *stuck* wearing the last day could have been much, much worse! I actually like the turquoise and red together, and look forward to your re-creation of this. Also I'm loving that haircut, especially worn loose! :)

    ETA: I forgot to mention how good these photos are, and your backgrounds were artfully chosen! I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful pics.

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thank you Shannon :-)

    Jonesy: Thanks! The oxfords really are workhorses and perfect for lots of walking. Ha ha! I loved those too :-)

    Claire: I was determined not to wear denim jeans, so I went for coloured pants. I am just glad it worked out! And thank you! The credit for the photos goes to hubs who tried each day to take the perfect photos for 'those fashion friends of yours'. :-)

  • Jilly replied 10 years ago

    You look adorable! Your dress looks great with the denim jacket and the cardi, so, yes, very versatile. My favorites were the black and white stripe cardi with the black top and mustard jeans, and the floral jeans. Love, love, love those floral jeans. Glad you had fun, and you looked great, too!

  • jen replied 10 years ago

    You are just so darn cute!

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    You look totally gorgeous, pretty, lovely, adorable, relaxed, happy and radiant each day, Kirti!

    Like Minnie's ears.

  • annagybe replied 10 years ago

    #2 is my favorite.

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    I am so sad about those yellow pants!! Is there any way of repairing them? Or cutting them off for clams or shorts? Because wow, I love that colour on you.

    Your outfits are all adorable, fresh, and appropriate for the occasion and you look so happy on your trip!

  • Aida replied 10 years ago

    Glad your trip was fun, and you looked super fab during it! I love your colorful, playful style Kirti. You ROCK those floral jeans!

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thank you Jilly! These floral pants were definitely one of my great purchases, fun, colourful and pretty versatile :-)

    Aww thanks Jen!

    Angie: Thank you!!! :D you made my day!

    Thanks Anna. I love that outfit too :-)

    Suz: My husband suggested making them shorts too, so I think I will do that. And thank you! It was the first time my brother and I went on vacation together, plus my husband and my first time in Paris, so I was beaming throughout!

    Aida: Thank you so much :-)

  • Aunty replied 10 years ago

    Wow you looked fantastic in every single outfit!!!
    I am loving the coloured trousers. I have just bought a pair in strong green because I wanted a change from denim. I hope I can do what you have and make them look chic.
    The flower trousers are super fab :)

  • rute replied 10 years ago

    so pretty! Lovely smile!

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thanks Aunty! And now I am excited to see your WIWs with the green jeans :-D

    Thank you rute! Coming from someone with a radiant smile herself, that is really sweet :-)

  • Jaime replied 10 years ago

    I adore those oxfords on you. Great set of outfits!

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thank you shevia!

  • replied 10 years ago

    You look so cute and happy in all of these! And for some reason those ears really suit you!

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Ha ha Alicat, maybe I should wear them more often ;-)

  • replied 10 years ago

    You rock them! : D

  • Meredith1953 replied 10 years ago

    I really like all the outfits and I love your striped cardigan! I now want to find one for myself! That's your new lace top in #4 isn't it? It is really pretty with the floral pants.

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Alicat: Let's see if I am brave enough to rock them outside Disneyland ;D

    Meredith: Thank you! I got mine from H&M so you may want to try there :) And yes, it is! I love the lace and floral combo too - the top really softened up the colourful, printed pants.

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