Styling coral dress #2 - toppers

Since I was playing around with my coral dress anyway (, I decided to style it with a few of my toppers to see if it would work well for spring/autumn. I don't think I would wear this dress in winter because of the bright summery colour.

Pic 1 is with my cropped light wash denim jacket.

Pic 2 is with my dark wash, longer denim jacket.

Pic 3 is with my bright red denim jacket.

Pic 4 is with my cream blazer.

Neither of my cardigans looked right with the dress and my black blazer looked way too harsh.

What do you think of these combos? It is too hot to wear any of them now but I am hoping that once I am back from India in October, I can wear these outfits.

P.S. Please excuse the house slippers!

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  • rute replied 10 years ago

    I perfer 1! Lovely dress!

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thanks rute! #1 is my favourite too :)

  • harmonica replied 10 years ago

    That dress is lovely! My favorites are #1 and 4 because you get more waist definition from those jackets.

    Do you think you could pair the dress with more autumn colours like maroon, teal, olive, deep blue and then be able to wear it longer in autumn and maybe early winter too or is the fabric of the dress too summery?

  • Ingunn replied 10 years ago

    I love #1! I also think #3 and #4 are very good on you. #2 is, like you pointed out to me, a bit too long for a dress. It is still nice, but #1 is better. Lovely dress and color, by the way:)

  • RunnerChick replied 10 years ago

    Hi - what a lovely, autumnal color, and it looks so good on you! LOVE. (Man, you wear bright colors so well!)

    Here are my choices, ordered by preference - 1, 4, 2, and 3. I feel like I need another color to break up the monochromatic look in #3, although it might work if you had fall-colored accessories added into the picture. #1 is my fave, as the combination of colors is very striking.

    I really like your denim jackets. I currently have none, and am in a search for one, but have not found any that I like. I looked in a couple of places, but did not find any in my size. Do you mind sharing where yours are from?

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thanks harmonica! I do feel like it the eyelet and coral colour make it seem very summery but I am hoping the jackets will work to make the dress wearable for autumn!

    Thank you Ingunn! Yes #2 is a bit longer than I would like.

    Thanks runner chick :-) I agree that #3 could use some accessories, although the red does stand out more IRL. I got my cropped faded jacket from H&M, the longer one from Camaieu and the red one is from Benetton. Hope that helps!

  • Queen Mum replied 10 years ago

    Gorgeous dress! #1 is my hands down favorite..I also like #4.

  • Jem replied 10 years ago

    I LOVE #4. Those look amazing together. #4 is my next favorite.

  • KathyL replied 10 years ago

    I like #1 and #4 the best. The jacket in 2 is a little too long like others suggested and I'm not feeling the monochromatic look in 3.

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    Plonk! What a magnificent dress on you! I favor #1, too, but they're all fantastic.

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    LOVE #1!! That is a match made in heaven.

  • Parsley replied 10 years ago

    No contest- #1 all the way. The proportions and color are perfect.

  • harmonica replied 10 years ago

    just an idea - do you have a top to layer over the dress? then it can be used as a skirt too ;-)

  • replied 10 years ago

    I can't decide between 1 and 2...I like how the buttons in #1 pick up the orange in the dress, but I like the darker wash. I really dislike the stripes on the white jacket with the pattern in the dress, and the orange jacket is not good. A white denim jacket would be smashing...or a turquoise cardi. Lots of options with this dress, it is lovely! ;)

  • Diana replied 10 years ago

    I love #1, and I like #4 as well. I like the combo of the dark denim with orange in #2 but I think the jacket is a bit too long. I'm not a fan of #3, but I do not like monochromatic, low constrast ensembles in general.

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thanks Queen Mum, Jem and Kathy L! :-)

    Thank you Beth A, Suz and Parsley! :-)m

    Harmonica: Ooh thanks for the idea! I will try it out tomorrow.

    shabbychick: I do have a long turquoise cardi, I will try that with the dress. Thanks :-)

    Thanks Diana. I do agree that the dark wash is too long.

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thank you all for your feedback! I like #1 the best, but I also like #3 a lot - it is less low contrast IRL. Hubby likes it too. :-)

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