WIW that made me feel fashionable

If you break it down, there is nothing spectacular about today's outfit - a t shirt, jeans and a pair of loafers, topped by a brown jacket.

But the shape of the jacket and the colour of my loafers made me feel so fashionable! I would never have bought these shoes or this jacket if I hadn't started blogging and now look at me, wearing them both in the same outfit! :D

What do you think? :)

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  • nicoleb replied 6 years ago

    Awesome loafers and jacket! You look awesome and i love those colors on you!

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    I LOVE the jacket!! And no wonder you felt fashionable! Orange, loafters, asymmetry...you WERE fashionable!

  • rae replied 6 years ago

    Strong and Simple, yes! I adore that jacket - it and the shoes make your style statement wonderfully without any clutter. Bravo!

  • MNsara replied 6 years ago

    Fab outfit! The gold loafers are so spunky, and the jacket asymmetry so interesting. Then the orange shirt keeps it colorful and fresh.

    Well done :-)

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    Very nice!

  • JennyAnne replied 6 years ago

    It's definitely the shoes and jacket that make the outfit - lovely! Those special pieces are so important for feeling "fashionable" I think.

  • goldenpig replied 6 years ago

    A great lesson on how to take an outfit from "pretty" to "pow!" I love that brown jacket of yours with the asymmetrical line and strong shoulders. And I love the slice of orange peeking out under it--brown and orange is one of my favorite combos. And the gold loafers is the perfect touch of glam. You felt fashionable because you are fashionable! So fab!

  • Sarah A replied 6 years ago

    i love love love the loafers and the jacket! you look totally fantastic... those are the finishing touches that make your simple outfit pop!

  • ManidipaM replied 6 years ago

    That jacket is magic! I love every outfit you pair it with!

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thank you all! The best part is that both these items are thrifted for €5 each! Who says you have to spend to feel fashionable? :)

  • lyn67 replied 6 years ago

    Love it! so springy!

  • catgirl replied 6 years ago

    I agree! And I love seeing you remix pieces as you do!

  • Jjsloane replied 6 years ago

    Super cute! Both are great bargains and suit you well.

  • Jem replied 6 years ago

    You look great! The colors look really pretty on you! That outfit looks really good with your new loafers!

  • Transcona Shannon replied 6 years ago

    Fab Kirti - love the gold loafers and that jacket is so flattering on you! Yep - YLF will make you do things like that!

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    lyn, jjsloane, jem: Thank you! :)

    Una: I'm so glad you enjoy the remixing! I always worry that the people who see my outfits find them boring :P

    Shannon: YLF is one of the best things that ever happened to me! Blogging is fun, but I love getting feedback and advice on here, on good days and on bad ones :P

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    Love the look and the smile! You look ready to have fun!

  • Meredith1953 replied 6 years ago

    You look adorable in it. Great jacket and those loafers are really pretty!

  • Fruitful replied 6 years ago

    That jacket is amazing and for 5? Incredible.

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thanks Beth Ann, Meredith and fruitful :)

  • Mona replied 6 years ago

    The colour of your top is singing and loafers look great.

  • fashionista replied 6 years ago

    You are so beautiful Kirti!!! And love that jacket, jeans and loafer on you. You are really looking fashionable and warm too. Muahhh! for the outfit.

  • Kirti replied 6 years ago

    Thanks mona :)

    fashionista: Awwwwww! Thank you :D :*

  • Jonesy replied 6 years ago

    The jacket and golden loafers are both fab! I can see why you felt so fashionable :). A beautifully tailored jacket is really a wonderful thing.

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