WIW: Red and brown (Day 12 and 13 of 30)

I'm sorry for not being as active on the forum as I want to. We're busy buying some things for the house and fixing them up, plus I am dealing with a horrid throat infection. I have still been wearing clothes though so I thought I would post my outfits from this weekend before I go back to nursing my sore throat.

I wore my red pants on both days, once with a kurta and once with my Benetton blouse. I love the first outfit, it is such a fresh take on the kurta and jeans look! My husband liked the second outfit, he thought it looked 'classy'! :-)

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  • Deborah replied 10 years ago

    Both are stunners. I agree with your hubby that #2 is a very classy look. Lobe those jeans on you.

  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 10 years ago

    Both are pretty but I like the proportions on #2 better. It is a very pretty look for you.

  • ManidipaM replied 10 years ago

    Wow. Two great looks, very similar colour palette --- and yet, despite the relative simplicity of both tops, very different vibes from just the slight change of silhouette and hairstyle and shoes! The kurta outfit looks more casual, breezy and laidback but also just a bit exotic and resort-ish; the shirt looks more smart-casual, a little more urban and energetic GOTG, great for a day about town or for a less formal workplace.

  • Tanya replied 10 years ago

    Both looks are great, and I especially like #2. Hope you feel better soon!

  • lyn67 replied 10 years ago

    Love them both but nr 2 is really showstopper as show your slim figure:-)

  • Transcona Shannon replied 10 years ago

    These both look wonderful Kirti - sorry you haven't been feeling well.

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    So cute!

    I especially like #2.

  • Meredith1953 replied 10 years ago

    Both outfits are great with very distinctive feels to them! I love them both!

  • replied 10 years ago

    Kirti you are able to smile brilliantly even though your throat hurts. I wish I could fix you some tea, you poor thing. :( Well, you can cheer yourself with the knowledge that you look fab! I love #2 particularly. Do you wear leggings? I can't remember if you're in the middle of a 30x30 or anything, but that kurta might be fun with leggings. I love those black flats! Hope you feel better soon!

  • Suz replied 10 years ago

    Both are lovely! I especially like #2 and agree with your husband that it is classy!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thank you Deborah and Dianthus! :-)

    Thanks Manidipa! You've described both outfits perfectly!

    Thank you Tanya, lyn and Shannon! :-)

    Thanks Angie! I am so glad you gave me the go ahead on this blouse, it has become one of my favourites!

    Thanks a lot Meredith :-)

    Claire: Aww I wish I could come there and hang out with you! I do have some Indian leggings in my 30x30 list and I will definitely be wearing this kurta with those before the challenge ends.

    Thanks so much Suz :-)

  • rae replied 10 years ago

    You wear bright pants so well - love em with the softer colours. Feel better soon!

  • Aida replied 10 years ago

    Love both of these! I really like how you have just a hint of black in both outfits (shoes in #1, spots in #2); gives a good grounding to the light colors and balances really nicely with the red. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thank you rae :-)

    Thanks Aida! I didn't think of that but it makes sense! :-)

  • Angie replied 10 years ago

    It's wonderful when unexpected wardrobe favourites blossom in our style.

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Angie: I agree!:-)

  • Heather replied 10 years ago

    Kirti, you are a beauty! Love you in those red jeans!

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thanks so much Heather! :-)

  • Astrid replied 10 years ago

    Both outfits are awesome! You look great, even though you are under the weather. I hope you feel better soon. :)

  • Jjsloane replied 10 years ago

    Love the red jeans especially in #2 - your DH has a good eye. (sorry about your throat and hope you are on the mend)

  • Sarah A replied 10 years ago

    I so hope you are feeling better! I love both outfits. I like how the bracelet in #1 pulls the red together. #2 is just amazing everywhere, I especially like your choice of the oxfords there.

  • Kiwichik replied 10 years ago

    Thumbs up for both outfits I want a kurta too.

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thank you Astrid! :-)

    Thanks jjsloane! I am definitely getting better!

    Thanks so much Sarah! I'm better now :-)

    Kiwixhik: You should totally get one too! Are there Indian stores where you live?

  • cheryl replied 10 years ago

    Both outfits look great! Hope you are feeling good as new now :)

  • Carole replied 10 years ago

    You look fantastic in those red pants, I love 2.

  • Kirti replied 10 years ago

    Thanks Cheryl! I am much better, thanks to some antibiotics :-)

    Thank you Carole :-)

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