My first outfit of the new year!

I loved this blouse and blazer combo so much the first time that I wore it, that I decided to repeat it with a different pair of pants and shoes. I've been down in the style dumps lately, so it felt good to wear an outfit that felt like 'me' and felt super stylish. :)

What do you think? Did I get my style groove back?


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WIW: Diwali

Happy Diwali to all of you!

For those of you who don't know what Diwali is, it's the Indian festival of lights, one of our largest and beautiful festivals. On this day, we wear new clothes, eat home made sweets, exchange gifts with friends and family and light clay lamps to welcome Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity into our homes. So with my wishes, may you all be blessed with prosperity and happiness :)

And here's what I wore to celebrate this festival - a new kurta and churidar that I bought in India, plus a mix of gold and 'junk' jewelry. This was warm enough for indoors but when I went out, I just threw on my coat and a bulky scarf - surprisingly I was quite warm and snug :)

Now I'm off to do some work in the kitchen, I'm cooking a special meal for hubs and myself!

P.S. Angie, do these count as gelato colours? :D


WIW to host a party and a question(very wordy!)

We invited about 30 of my husband's colleagues and friends over for a party yesterday and I was very unsure about what to wear. I kept imagining that all his female colleagues would be impeccably dressed and would find my lack of hairstyling/makeup/chic factor appalling! Silly, I know but we've never hosted a party before and I was so so nervous.

Rather than wear a lot of colour (which is my signature), I decided to go for a more subdued, neutral palette. I wore a new grey dress (got this from India) with burgundy tights. To add some interest, I wore a studded burgundy leather bracelet and burgundy lipstick. When it became colder, I added a black bolero that had silver metallic thread running through (pic 3). This is a recent purchase and I really love it! Sorry the picture I took is so crappy! You can see the bolero in pic 4.

All the girls who came were in neutrals (mostly black /grey/cream) so I felt like I fit right in and that calmed me down enough to actually enjoy the party! Of course, they wore more makeup than me and had some elaborate and pretty hairstyles, but I found that I didn't mind that so much. I would feel silly being that made up, it just isn't me and I'm glad I didn't try.

What do you think of the outfit? Is it too plain?

Oh and I have a question - One of my husband's friends has invited us to another party next week, so now that I'm over my initial panic about fitting in, I might wear something more colourful - my emerald lace dress maybe (pic 5)? What do you ladies say? I would stand out in the sea of neutrals, but it'd be boring wearing neutrals for two parties in a row! I would add tights, of course, maybe black or navy.

Thanks for reading and helping! :)


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WIW: Almost neutral :)

I took some new stuff out for a test drive today - black flats, my H&M pink houndstooth tunic/dress that I bought during the summer sales for €7 and my new grey coat. :)

What do you think? I was warm and cosy and happy in this outfit. A 10 on my happiness scale :)


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WIW: Snakeskin sweater

An outfit post after ages! Nothing fancy, just a basic fall outfit with clothes unearthed from the back of my closet. The clutch is new though - my friends in India gifted it to me! Now all I need to do is learn how to pose with it :P

What do you ladies think?


WIW: purple, yellow and funny faces

I loved this casual, colourful outfit that I wore a few weeks back, but I kept laughing and making funny faces when my husband tried to photograph it and we ended up with the silliest photos ever!

I really want to show you guys the outfit though, so I'm putting them up anyway!


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What I finally wore: floral dress

I stepped outside today after SO long! Even though I just went grocery shopping with my husband, I decided to wear one of my summer dresses because they have just been languishing in the closet.

This isn't my favourite out of all the dresses I bought this season, since the bodice tends to look a bit creased and crumpled after a bit. On the other hand, it is very airy and comfortable, cost just 17 euros and is fully lined cotton! Considering all those postives, I don't mind the creasing too much.

What do you think? :)


WIW: floral and colour blocking

Here are two of the outfits I wore this week. The shorts outfit was just for some errands and the coral and yellow outfit was for yesterday's Everybody Everywear challenge where the theme was 'Colour blocking'.

What do you think? :-)


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WIW: Some old and some new

Thank you to all those who supported me in my decision to give up my 30x30 challenge. It felt so good to put that challenge behind me and enjoy my summer wardrobe. :)

A few days back I wore my new spectacle print t shirt and my neon legging jeans. This was such a fun outfit! My husband cannot stand these jeans though, they are just too bright for him :P

Today I wore my grey printed dress with a fun new purchase - my obi belt! My friend Megan Mae makes these with thrifted men's ties. I got a lot of compliments on this belt today and even hubs said it looks 'pretty cool', although he insists on calling it my 'Obi Wan Kanobi belt'! Btw, if you're interested in checking these belts out, you can check out Megan's blog -

What do you think of these outfits? :)


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WIW on yet another trip to the mall

Just a simple look today - a t shirt and my red pants, plus my two tone oxfords. What do you think? :)