WIW: red and black

According to me, Indian clothes are very awkward to layer over in winter. But come spring and summer and there couldn't be anything more stylish or more comfortable!

Today, I'm wearing a silk kurta that I got made before my wedding along with a churidar (Indian style leggings). I repeated the necklace from yesterday since gold goes so well with red. I layered my trench over this outfit, but still felt a little chilly so just before I left, I popped my black silk vest over the kurta.

What do you think? :)


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WIW: stripes and florals

I decided to wear one of my new t shirts today and rather than play it safe with jeans or pants, I went for a little pattern mixing. :)

What do you think?

P.S. This is the last time I'm wearing this skirt. It tore by the time we came back home from a trip to the mall. It's been a real workhorse though! I bought it off a street sale for €1 and I've worn it all autumn and winter. I'm going to miss it :(


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Kurta and coloured skinnies - does it work?

In the past few days, I took out some of my spring summer clothes that include some Indian clothes :) of course, now that I've started a style blog and discovered YLF, I want to style those differently as well!

Here's my first attempt - a kurta and coloured skinnies. I do wear kurtas with regular skinny jeans and flats, but I've never worn them with coloured bottoms. Does it work?

Sorry for the crappy pic, it doesn't do the kurta any justice!


Epiphany: I think I can define my style as...

...smart casual.

I wear a lot of jeans, coloured bottoms and t shirts, nothing very dressy. I do add in a lot of accessories though particularly jewellery and scarves and a LOT of colour. I've also started experimenting with adding in patterns and textures to make my outfits more interesting. So, while 'smart casual' may sound kinda boring, I have found that my outfits, even though they are created using very limited pieces, are quite fun. :)

When I first started reading style blogs, I really admired edgy styles - I'd love to be able to carry off a harness style belt for example or Una's really cool hairstyle or the really vintage inspired styles with lots of dresses, brooches and cutesy accessories. But in real life, those styles are just not 'me'. And that's okay, because I like how my style is evolving. :)

In case anyone is wondering what kind of outfits I wear, you can see all my WIW posts on my profile or go to my blog (http://dressupforlife.blogspot.com/).

Do you define your style persona? Or do you just have fun with a lot of different styles?


WIW that my husband thought was cool

My husband is usually a neutrals fan but he thought that today's outfit was 'cool'! He didn't like my new loafers though, he thinks they're a little too shiny. :P

We just went out to buy some groceries and on the way he looked at a group of girls and said 'all the girls here dress the same, in dark colours. And look at you - so colourful.' And he meant that as a compliment!!! :D

I'm so happy! I love the idea that my husband has started getting used to my super colourful outfits :D