30x30 challenge for spring/summer

A blog friend started this challenge for June and even though my last attempt at 30x30 bombed, I decided to try again.

Here are my picks.

1.Cream lace top
2.Purple half sleeve shirt
3.Brown and yellow printed blouse
4.White shirt

T shirts:
1.Navy t shirt
2.Orange t shirt
3.Grey striped t shirt
4.Polka dot t shirt
5.Black t shirt

Indian clothes:
1.Red printed kurta (tunic)
2.Brown printed kurta (tunic)
3.Cream kurta (tunic)
4.Rust silk kurta (tunic)
5.Black churidar (leggings)

1.Red pants
2.Floral pants
3. Light wash skinny jeans
4.Turquoise shorts
5.White bermudas
6.Yellow shorts

1.Leaf print skirt
2.Leopard print skirt
3.Grey sleeveless dress

Layering pieces:
1.Cream cotton blazer
2.Black silk vest
3.Turquoise cardigan
4.Striped cardigan
5.Red denim jacket
6.Denim jacket

I have chosen 29 pieces so far, keeping one spot just in case I want to add something later. I have also tried to include both Indian and Western clothes to ensure that my summer wardrobe gets a good workout. If I were sure the weather was going to remain pleasant, I wouldn't have added in so many layering items. But frankly, in Lyon, you never know.

I'm pretty excited about this challenge - it will give me a chance to wear my new stuff, plus I will hopefully avoid shopping for a month!!! Wish me luck :)


Outfits with brown and yellow Benetton blouse

I tried on different toppers with this blouse a while back ( http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....ton-blouse) and today I decided to try out full outfits based on the toppers that worked.

Again, sorry for the abundance of styling posts, I guess I'm just feeling inspired lately? I am also home sick and so have lots of time!

Do these work? I am thinking of wearing one of these outfits on my Paris trip - which one would you pick?


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Lace top styling - for my Paris trip!

I apologise for spamming the forum with my styling posts. I can't help it - at this point, my closet is full of clothes that excite me and are so versatile that they can be styled in several ways. Plus, I am home sick and time alone with my clothes cheers me up!

Anyway, I plan to take this lace top to Paris and so I played around with some toppers and bottoms. Do these outfits work? Which ones do you like best?

P.S. Sorry about the unironed skirt in pics 1 to 3. I am barefoot because I was feeling lazy. I would wear oxfords with the pants based looks and flats with the skirt. :-)


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Another styling experiment - brown leaf print skirt

I am having so much fun styling items and posting them here! It is great to receive feedback and advice, especially as I am building outfits from wardobe orphans or new to me styles like button down shirts.

Today's orphan is a cotton skirt that I bought two years ago and have never worn. *hangs head in shame* It is a blackish brown colour with a leaf print. It is not exactly a pencil skirt, it flips out a little at the bottom so I can walk easily. Pic 1 shows a close up.

I have styled it using some tops and jackets that I think would 'go' with the skirt. My oxfords look clunky with this skirt, so I am wearing my only pair of ballet flats in some of these photos. I plan to add some sandals or metallic flats to my summer wardobe and wear them with this skirt. :-)

Pics 2&3 with my orange t shirt.
Pics 4, 5, 6 with my black t shirt
Pic 7 with my white shirt
Pic 8&9 with a brown cami
Pic 10 with my lime shirt, sleeves unrolled and Pic 11 with my lime shirt, sleeves rolled and buttoned up.

As always, I would love your input - what works and what doesn't?


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Styling grey dress - need help!

I am making another trip to Paris this weekend and this time, I wanted to take along a dress.

This is one of the only dresses I have and I haven't worn it as much as I should. Now I want to change that. Sorry the lighting sucks, but you can see the dress by itself in pic 1 and 2. It has a grey and black checked pattern.

I wish I had some ballet flats comfy and sturdy enough for hours of walking, but I don't. So I decided to try out the with oxfords look like Sveta and Diana. I also tried out all my toppers that looked okay with the dress.

What do you think of these outfits? What works and what doesn't?

P.S. Pic 9 is the dress with my light grey denim vest. Does that look okay? It will be too cold to wear this in Paris, but I just wanted to try it. Excuse the house slippers pls!


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Toppers for zara white shirt and benetton blouse - help!

I have only owned t shirts all my life, so now that I have some woven tops/blouses, I find myself struggling a bit as far as toppers (jackets, cardigans etc) go. So I thought I would post some pics to get your opinions :-)

Pls excuse the cut off head/bare feet. It is late so I couldn't be bothered to do my hair or put on shoes. I also didn't try out all my bottoms since I was just testing out toppers.

Pics 1 to 3 are of my Zara blouse with my two denim jackets and leather jacket. Does the length of the shirt work with them?

Pics 4-6 are of my Benetton blouse with my off white blazer, turquoise cardigan and denim jacket. Do these look okay? I'm sorry the cardigan is a bit askew, I just threw it on. I would scrunch the sleeves to add more interest.


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Kurta and coloured skinnies - does it work?

In the past few days, I took out some of my spring summer clothes that include some Indian clothes :) of course, now that I've started a style blog and discovered YLF, I want to style those differently as well!

Here's my first attempt - a kurta and coloured skinnies. I do wear kurtas with regular skinny jeans and flats, but I've never worn them with coloured bottoms. Does it work?

Sorry for the crappy pic, it doesn't do the kurta any justice!


Epiphany: I think I can define my style as...

...smart casual.

I wear a lot of jeans, coloured bottoms and t shirts, nothing very dressy. I do add in a lot of accessories though particularly jewellery and scarves and a LOT of colour. I've also started experimenting with adding in patterns and textures to make my outfits more interesting. So, while 'smart casual' may sound kinda boring, I have found that my outfits, even though they are created using very limited pieces, are quite fun. :)

When I first started reading style blogs, I really admired edgy styles - I'd love to be able to carry off a harness style belt for example or Una's really cool hairstyle or the really vintage inspired styles with lots of dresses, brooches and cutesy accessories. But in real life, those styles are just not 'me'. And that's okay, because I like how my style is evolving. :)

In case anyone is wondering what kind of outfits I wear, you can see all my WIW posts on my profile or go to my blog (http://dressupforlife.blogspot.com/).

Do you define your style persona? Or do you just have fun with a lot of different styles?